Nom Nom Sugar de Divertap

Información del juego

  • Nom Nom Sugar
  • ¿Es el primer título desarrollado por el estudio?: No

Información del estudio

  • Divertap
  • Barcelona
"Catch all the candies and overcome the 20 levels before losing your lives. Be careful with the burnt candies. you'll have to throw them to the trash before they leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Why is Nom Nom sugar a special game?
- 20 levels of difficulty (We’ve heard that, because nobody has managed to get there)
- Catch the candies with the platform so you don’t lose them (or loose lives)
- Gather them in lines, columns or diagonals to get to the next level
- Addictive: Easy to play but hard to master
- Funny and yummy candies as well as cool graphics
- Beware of the burnt candies, they’re a bad taste in your mouth
- Get higher scores than your friends at the 3 rankings of the game"